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I am Dana R. Hartless, LPC, NCC, MS, BSW.  


I have 19 years experience as a School Counselor in public schools. I started a private counseling practice in February 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Donna Rial-Baker, DMin.  Even though I have gathered expertise working with children and youth for many years, I have spent the last 3 1/2 years working with adults and clients of all ages.  I thoroughly enjoy working with anyone interested in making life changes related to relationships, careers, and/or personal goals.

I am a CHRISTian & utilize biblical principles & analogies when appropriate/applicable.  My favorite theory is Cognitive Behavior Therapy because it allows clients to evaluate their thinking & determine how they may be impacting their own behaviors & decisions.  I specialize in working with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, social anxiety, &/or perfectionistic tendencies.  I truly believe that changing your thoughts can change your life.

My daughter has special needs so I genuinely empathize with persons living with disabilities.  I understand the 504/Special Ed. processes that occur in public education & have traversed these with my own child.  Grief can be a normal part of parenting/caregiving  for someone with special needs.  I feel extremely comfortable counseling clients within this realm.

Hope and peace can be obtained in life regardless of what might be swarming around you.  Please reach out to me if you are ready to turn the page on your current status quo.

Very sincerely,  ~ dana r. hartless   972.948.7384   www.danarhartless-heartspeak.com

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